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Rudra Shivananda

Rudra Shivananda is a disciple of the Nath Master Yogiraj Siddhanath and has been empowered by the Master to teach since 1998. He has dedicated himself to the well-being and spiritual evolution of humanity. He believes that the true evolution is that of consciousness and true healing is self-Healing. When human evolution advances to the highest level, and super-consciousness is awakened in the general population, then societies can exist completely in harmony with each other and with nature. Only then, can humanity enjoy true peace and happiness.

He is an adept of Kriya, Hatha, Mantra and Kundalini Yogas and teaches that the only lasting way to bring happiness into one's life is by consistent practice of awareness and transformation.

In this spirit of speeding up the evolution of consciousness, Rudra Shivananda has committed himself to spreading the timeless yogic techniques of the ancient Naths and Siddhas, the Immortal Masters of Yoga in a contemporary manner.

Rudra Shivananda advocates an integrated system of yoga for body, mind and soul with the goal to bring realization and awareness into the world of action and manifestation.

He has written six books on various aspects of spiritual science and healing: In Light of Kriya Yoga, Chakra selfHealing by Power of Om, Yoga of Purification and Transformation, Insight and Guidance for Spiritual Seekers, Surya Yoga, Healing Postures of the 18 Siddhas, and Breathe Like Your Life Depends On It.

Rudra Shivananda is a house-holder, happily married since 1981, with 2 children and worked for almost 30 years as a technology and management professional in Silicon Valley before retiring and devoting his time to serve humanity's spiritual needs. He has advanced degrees in electronics engineering and business management as well as a doctorate in laws: B.S.E.E., MSc., MBA, J.D.

He has given initiations and workshops in USA, Canada, England, India, Spain, Ireland, Brazil, Russia, Japan and Australia, Singapore and Malaysia.

Guru Thalapaneni

Guru was born to pious parents, Annaiah Naidu and Mangamma, in Muttukuru Palle village near Chittoor in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. He currently lives in Woodside in the San Francisco Bay Area with wife Veena, and children Anusha and Suhas.

Guru holds a B.Tech from NIT, Warangal and an MS from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville. He has twenty years of experience in the semiconductor industry and has worked in various engineering and management positions across the most reputable companies - Altera, AMD, Samsung, Fairchild, and Flextronics - supporting new product development with cutting-edge process technologies.

Guru is the founder, President & CEO of Remoba, which specializes in wireless mobile software applications for mass market cell phones and netbooks. Inspired by the divine works of Paramahansa Yogananda, he became a disciple of Kriya Yoga under the guidance of Shri Rudra Shivananda.