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Mission Statement


To provide training to future generations of spiritual teachers and leaders and to spread the eternal message of universal peace, harmony, and divine love throughout the world. Students will be taught an integrated form of the yogic wisdoms of India in a modern scientific framework with the purpose of experiencing a transformational higher consciousness.


1. Provide a serene environment for learning, training, and fundamental research in a broad spectrum of topics related to Yoga

2. Offer a comprehensive and practical education at the Masters degree level in Yoga and related knowledge system, giving students a practical base for their complete growth

3. Establish a comprehensive curriculum and train or recruit qualified staff to enable the offering of a Doctorate degree in yogic science

4. Provide graduates with the experience and tools to spread yogic science globally

5. Develop an integrated yoga system according to the principles of Kriya Yoga that incorporates practical philosophy and a wholistic lifestyle – uniting body and mind to enable spiritual evolution into higher consciousness to end personal suffering and further peace among humanity according to the message of Mahavatar Babaji

6. Serve the need for contemporary societies to obtain an authentic and unbiased understanding of the vast heritage and benefits of the Yoga tradition

7. Regenerate and preserve yogic science by combining spiritual experience with academic and scientific methodology

8. Bring to light ancient yogic teachings from sacred scriptures and lost traditions

9. Formulate yogic teachings in modern language and in a scientific framework together with modern mass communication methods

10. Establish a harmony between ancient traditions of Yoga, modern sciences, and contemporary religious beliefs to further better understanding and global peace among humanity

11. Pioneer as a beacon light for the current and future spiritual awakening of people throughout the world – a model for the establishment of other similar institutions

12. Give graduates a chance to formulate new methodologies for the growth, expansion and rapid integration of yoga into modern society